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June 22, 23 2012 Woodstock, VT
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David McGowan David McGowan, Festival Chairman
David is an accomplished and widely experienced senior media executive, having served in top leadership positions for companies in both the U.S. and Europe. He has been responsible for several digital media businesses, including the launch of a digital satellite platform based in Cologne, the management of a digital cable television service in Zurich, and the launch of several digital television channels based in London. Prior to his experience in Europe, David served as Senior VP for Production and News and Public Affairs programming at WETA, the largest supplier of such programming to PBS. His programs have received every top award in broadcasting, including EMMYs, Peabody Awards, and many film festival and documentary awards. Previously David was Director of Media Development for Time Magazine, where he pioneered the use of digital media for the nation's oldest weekly news magazine.

Joe McKay Joe McKay
Joe is Assistant Professor of New Media at Purchase College. He has an undergraduate degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a MFA from UC Berkeley. In 2000 Joe participated in the Whitney Independent study program. He has exhibited his work at VertexList, the New Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, ICA (san Jose), The Neuberger Museum, Postmasters Gallery, La Casa Encendida, and the National Gallery of Canada. In the fall of 2010 Joe had a successful solo show at Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto. Joe works in several different mediums: photo, video, programing, performance, websites, games, sculpture and he enjoys the flexibility this grants him.
Townsend Belisle Townsend Belisle
Townsend is a strategic producer of creative media. He specializes in the strategy for all forms of digital marketing and communications; including website design and development, digital reputation management, social and viral media campaigns, search engine optimization, presentation coaching and wireless solutions. He has created and supported campaigns for top-level executives and for corporations in the consumer product, financial, media, pharmaceutical and retail industries. His clients include American Express, Comcast, Conde Nast, MetLife, Moet Hennessy, National Geographic, New York Times, PBS, Pfizer, Reebok, Remy Cointreau, Showtime, Sony Music, Xerox, and a dozen private equity firms. Townsend is a leader of Wireless Woodstock.
Mary Flanagan Mary Flanagan
Mary works as an artist, scientist, and humanist. Her groundbreaking explorations in these arenas represent an innovative use of methods, tools, and technologies to bind research with cultural production. Known for her theories on playculture, activist design, and critical play, Flanagan has achieved international acclaim for her novel interdisciplinary work, her commitment to a theory/practice dialogue, and contributions to social justice design arenas. Her research examines the boundaries between the personal and the public, perception, power, and what technology can teach people about themselves. Using the formal language of the computer program or game to create systems which interrogate seemingly mundane experiences such as writing email, using search engines, playing video games, or saving data to the hard drive, Flanagan reworks these activities to blur the line between the social uses of technology, and what these activities tell us about the technology user themselves. Her artwork ranges from game based systems to computer viruses, embodied interfaces to interactive texts; these works are exhibited internationally at venues including the Laboral Art Center, Whitney, SIGGRAPH, Beall Center, The Banff Centre, The Moving Image Center, Steirischer Herbst, Ars Electronica, Artist's Space, Guggenheim, Incheon Digital Arts Festival, and and venues in Brazil, France, UK, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia. Mary has written more than 20 critical essays on digital art, cyberculture, and gaming in periodicals such as Art Journal, Wide Angle, Intelligent Agent, Convergence, and Culture Machine, as well as several books. Her books in English include reload: rethinking women + cyberculture (2002), re:SKIN (2007), and the most recent, Critical Play (2009), all with MIT Press. She writes about popular culture and digital media such as computer games, virtual agents, and online spaces in order to understand how they affect and reflect culture. She is also co-author with Matteo Bittanti of Similitudini. Simboli. Simulacri ( SIMilarities, Symbols, Simulacra) on The Sims game (in Italian, Unicopli 2003). Mary is the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College.
Kristin Lucas Kristin Lucas
Kristin Lucas addresses the complexity of our relationship to the digital realm, such as its effect on human psychology and regimes of thinking. Reversing a popular concept of infusing humanity into machines, Lucas maps technological concepts into her life, making evident their presuppositions and flaws, and raising questions about the gap between virtual and lived realities. Her artwork is represented by Postmasters Gallery and videos are distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix in New York. Lucas is an Assistant Professor of Studio Arts at Bard College.
Roger Neal Roger Neal
Roger is the Executive Director of NYC Media Lab, which links the academic and media business worlds of New York City. It is a unique partnership of the City (NYCEDC), NYU Poly and Columbia University which aims to connect and empower New York's media innovators across business sectors and academic disciplines to drive new technology research and accelerate the growth of New York's digital media industry. Previously Roger was senior VP-general manager of BusinessWeek Online, which he joined in August 2006 after spending more than a dozen years with pure Internet companies. He joined AOL in 1994. Four years later, he founded Productopia, a site offering impartial reviews and product comparisons. Neal subsequently joined eBay as director of strategic partnerships and worked there for three and a half years before moving to McGraw-Hill's BusinessWeek.
Marcin Ramocki Marcin Ramocki
Marcin is a new media artist and documentary filmmaker. His recent projects have been exhibited in MoMa NYC, Whitney Museum, Wexner Center, ArtMoving Projects and Pacific Film Archives. Marcin lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and teaches new media art at Jersey City University. He is also a founder and co-curator of vertexList art space in Brooklyn.


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