The Woodstock Digital Media Festival will take place on Friday, November 1st, 2013, from 10 am – 6 pm in venues in central Woodstock, including the Woodstock Inn and Resort and the Norman Williams Public Library.


In addition to the talks, presentations, and workshop sessions scheduled during this time,  a Morning Mixer will be held from 9 am – 9:45 am at the Norman Williams Public Library.  All Festival speakers, participants, and registered attendees are invited to this informal event (coffee will be served).


Festival Sign-In will be at the Woodstock Inn from 9:30 – 10:00


All Festival attendees who register more than five days in advance and who sign-in at the Festival’s opening will receive a free box lunch prepared by the Woodstock Farmer’s Market.


At the close of the Festival sessions, Green Mountain Digital will host an Open House at their new premises in Woodstock for all speakers, participants, and registered attendees (refreshments served)


Presentations, Talks, and Workshops


Presentations and talks are scheduled to be 30-60 minutes in length, with the schedule designed to encourage attendance of the full program.  Workshops will be scheduled concurrently, allowing for attendees to pursue areas and presenters of specific interest.  Presentations include:


Jon Voss, Historypin

Can One Story Change the World?


A typed journal from WWI fules a young man’s dreams of time travel and allows us to explore the power of personal stories and photos, together with archival collections, building connections across generations. The World Wide Web provides the cultural, technological, and legal frameworks to open the doors of innovation and imagination, and also enables libraries, archives, and museums the world over to play a critical role.  Not only are these efforts fostering global collaboration and sharing, but the compelling work is also attracting new audiences who are interacting with collections and institutions like never before.



Eddie Tejeda

Code For America


Open Data can play a role in bringing city officials, residents, and local institutions together to bring positive, real changes to how cities are run.  Eddie will discuss his experience and give examples of work being done in Oakland, CA and New Orleans, LA.



Stuart Lynn

Zooniverse and the Adler Planetarium

Yasser Ansari

Project Noah


Citizen Science


The world of science is being transformed by the participation of ordinary people with a passion for discovery and exploration.  The web and mobile technology has enabled massive scientific projects and questions to be broken down into pieces that we can all contribute to solving, while also enabling home grown experts the world over to contribute their knowledge outside of traditional institutions and frameworks.  The Zooniverse platform and Project Noah, two recognized leaders in the Citizen Science revolution, show us how it is happening and how we can all take part — while also demonstrating the remarkable benefits of these platforms in areas such as education and conservation.



Ben Vershbow



As the founder and director of the widely praised digital innovation team at the New York Public Library, Ben will talk about his group’s recent experiments in digitization, data mining, and community engagement around historical collections.  The talk will tour a range of projects, each exploring different transformations of library content (maps, photographs, archival video, old menus, theatre playbills…) demonstrating how new technologies, and new forms of networked participation, can open up these materials to exploration in surprising ways.  Learn about these applied thought experiments, which afford a glimpse of what the future might be.



Wesley Lindamood

National Public Radio


Telling [TRUE] Stories


In a recurring Festival theme, this year’s digital storytelling session will focus some of the work being done by news organizations who have been especially innovative in their use of digital media to enhance meaning.  What is the right balance between traditional narrative and interactivity?  When is more media too much?  Do stories lose or enhance meaning when they are broken into shareable parts?  And what kind of platforms are available to create and showcase the best work?  By exploring examples of web-native stories, interactive graphics and visualization, two leaders in the field share their work and vision.



David Tyler

Green Mountain Digital




Can an app inspire and enable a love for nature and the outdoors?  Green Mountain Digital, the Vermont-based mobile apps leader in nature and wildlife, thinks so.   “Chief Yonderer” David Tyler will give us insight into the creation and early usage of the new Yonder app, which has been widely praised for its innovation and useability.  Come and see the app universe through a start-up’s eyes, and learn how a successful free app is conceived, launched, and refined based on users’ experience.



Lorie Loeb

Digital Arts Leadership and Innovaton Lab



The Global Atrocities Prevention System


The DALI Lab is working with the Holocaust Museum to create a tool to help policy makers and human rights groups set policies that will reduce the risk of mass atrocities around the world.  By visualizing large data sets and analyzing the factors that increase the risk of atrocities, together with analysis of news feeds, social media and predictive analysis techniques, the project aims to make these sometimes contradictory data sets into a meaningful, interactive, and accessible tool.  Explore the project and its early results with the Executive Director of the DALI lab.


Lars Torres
Vermont Office of the Creative Economy
Paul Gambill
Orchestra Engagement Lab
moderators,  with panelists


Special Guest:
Rebecca Holcombe,
Secretary Designate of the Vermont Agency of Education


Digital Vermont
Disrupting Education: Vermont as a Laboratory for Innovation


MOOCs, user-generated and curated content, video everywhere. New tools are available that have the potential to rewrite, maybe subvert – at the least augment – traditional learning models. Hear from four disruptive innovators working in education about the assets Vermont has to leverage and the barriers we need to overcome to make educational achievement available and accessible for all Vermonters. Join Robert Skiff (, Amanda Crispel (Assistant Dean of Game Development at Champlain College), Geoff Gevalt at the Young Writers Project, and Sandi McLeod at Music COMP for a discussion on education innovation at the intersection of the digital arts and sciences.